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Good News: The Time of Preparation

  • 60Days


This course series tells the story of Jesus' life in chronological order. It is a blow-by-blow account of Jesus' life. We look at when things took place and why they took place. The courses are divided into four sections covering Jesus' time of preparation for ministry, the period of public popularity, the period of increased persecution and then His Passion. This is the first course covering the period of Jesus' preparation for ministry. The course is based on the first book in the four-book series on the life of Jesus. The activities in this course are designed to expound and add to the book's contents. Each week reflects the content of a chapter in the book. The course can be completed with the book or as a stand-alone course. If you want to procure the book, click on the store tab for a printed or ebook copy. Follow the steps for each day, and I pray that you will grow each day in your relationship with Jesus.

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